Friendster Hack Private Profile Private Photo

Helloo guys this is Hackers Singson

I will make a survey for this kind of hacking friendster to post in my blog...
But before anytrhing else i would like survey comment using this blog....
I need a 50 comment receive to post the friendster hacking tutorial this is real and working 100%......

So guy!!!!! To all hackers or want to be hackers this is opportunity to learn how to hack the friendster profile and photo i'll make you granted for this......

No Software needed working 100% working

I will wait for your comment thanks.........


Anonymous said...

Dude post the instructions!!

Thanks a lot.. =)

Cutedanger said...
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fanny said...

I wanna see ur software...
Please tell me..

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your world...lets work together so we make cool cash.cos that what make the world still goes around,i want to be good hacker but life you dont what the future have for you already this site is good and we can learn better..Ronnel plz keep it up as you are doing ?this from kate anna

Anonymous said...

hi! can you share your hack to us please? thanks ^^

Anonymous said...

why you SHOULD consider hacking
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in friendster.
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This service is not for free and we don't teach people how it is done, so if you're not a serious client. please dont send us any email for it will be ignored.

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Hackers Singson said...

hack friendster this not for advertising my blog this for tutorial and awareness for the people to upload their file to internet because now a day its no more secure from the internet. So hack friendster you can email me or ym to my account anytime

Please note: This not for advertising my blog this for tutorial and beware the people

Anonymous said...

Hacking Friendster account by yahoo mail.

This system confuses that same system.
By simply emailing 
with subject: Friendster password retrieval

Body of your e-mail:

var return[snd_mail] = your; [replace with your email]
var enterpass_md5 = yourpass; [your friendster pass] ----> to verify that u have a valid friendster account; [the friendster profile of the one you're hacking]

This confuses the server to email you the person's password.
All that is required is that you copy that script exactly!
Here is an example reply that you will get after successfully
retrieving the password of the desired person.

var return =;---->your e-mail
var enterpass = drowssap;------> your password

In a matter of hours you will have the retrieved password!
Happy hacking!

How It works:
I worked as an SQL programmer for Friendster from 2004 and on and got a peek at the system.
The program normally would read your login name find your password with functions setup by friendtser and re-email
it to you. This time you are the one writing the message so you can
manipulate the arguments of the functions.
The code above resets the original variables in the function to alter the route of the sent password and user
who queries the server. Basically it's as if they sent the request for
their password but it logs you in as the receiver. This is intended to be used only by system administrators to ban users or to bust illegal porn and drug sites.
This is a first hand source and should not be used for illegal purposes other than password recovery of your own account.
Any unlawful activity is your own responsibility and no one else. Note that if incorrectly sent (either login or syntax)
the message is not replied to and due to the thousands of emails sent to the address each day it's not moderated by an
*for those who don't know yahoo is the backdoor pass for password retrievals including friendster and my space because, their system has still a lot of loop holes to be solved...
before they get this fixed.... im sharing this information to all who are interested.... because sometimes you just don't know when you will need this...
for a cheater bf or gf perhaps? or the enemies that you wanna get
even...this is your chance....

Anonymous said...

nice.... trick...

Anonymous said...

help me please,im desprately want the code

Anonymous said...



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