how to hack windows xp forgot the passwords

1. First you have to download erd commander this the link

2. when you finish download burn it into power iso if you dont have power iso this the link again

3. Then restart your computer

4. Boot the PC from Cd "You may need to go into bios to do this"

Boot Menu
1. Hard Drive
2. CD-ROM/ DVD Drive
3. Removable Device
4. Network Boot

5. Select the CD-ROM/DVD Drive then press Enter
6. Press F10 to save
7. Wait for loading
8. The PC should now start up from CD into ERD Commander
9. Windows XP Will loading this a normal
10. Then Select the where WIndows Xp is installed
11. Example if your installed in drive c: you have to do is choose the windows folder then press ok

12.Then press ok
13. Then press ok again
14. Now Erd Commander is Loading
15. Then Click Start
16. Go to Admnistrative Tools"
17. Select the LockSmith
18. Then press enter
19. Then Next 2x
20. Select the Account you want to reset
21. Example administrator account you have to do is select the admnistrator account
22. Then type the new password
23.After you finish change password you have to do next tab twice and the click the finish tab
24. Then After that you have to restart your computer
25. Congratulation you have just hacked your own PC

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robert_liuchan said...

hi question lng... my computer is a dual OS specifically Vista and XP SP3. how can i remove one of the OS Vista or XP without the destruction of my files and remove the OS choices at the boot option of my computer...thanks in advance... please reply...
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